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Electronic Freedom Society
Completed on 2016-04-22
EFS icon.png
The Electronic Freedom Society ARG
Type Unofficial
Creator gayfarang
Discovered 2016-03-20
Completed 2016-04-22

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Please excuse how blatantly empty this page and its subpages are. This page is being built, but it will take time- EFS is a large ARG.

The Electronic Freedom Society ARG (also know as the Codi, eSports Gossip, Malena, or OCT ARG) was an ARG created by gayfarang as a sequel to the popular Teragon ARG. The titular EFS enlisted players to help defeat their rival Order of the Crimson Temple through the powers of puzzle-solving.


Characters and Organizations

Tony Wan

Tony Wan is a member of the Teragon Group who first appeared in the original Teragon ARG, setting many missions for the players. For this ARG, he posted to reddit about the eSports Gossip website and thehiddenmessage streams.

eSports Gossip

The website eSports Gossip was first linked by Tony Wan and, at the time, it had a few articles about, appropriately, gossip relating to eSports. Its official launch was stated to be 2016-04-10, although this later changed to 2016-04-20 before the website seemed to shut down entirely. One puzzle on the site led to a "Coming soon." page, but the purpose behind the site is still unknown.

OCT Publishing (Order of the Crimson Temple)

OCT Publishing is mentioned in the copyrights for both the eSports Gossip and Do Not Play TF2 sites. While there is a real OCT Publishing, this one is likely separate. Thanks to the efforts of ? ? ?, a series of notes on Malena's site were revealed, apparently showing that OCT had created Malena as a front for a series of tests with an unknown purpose. Both OCT Publishing and the Teragon Group have a member named "GB", so they could be linked. Was lated revealed to be an organization trying to take over the internet (And probably the world).


Malena, also known as "M", claims to be a 17 or 18-year-old girl living in Spain. She also claims to have two siblings, one older and one younger, as well as a best friend. She likes to pass her time by creating puzzles and ciphers to test her friends and, here, strangers. She is pretentious and makes lots of errors, being inconsistent with age, family and best friend's name. She initially attracted attention by hosting streams on the Twitch channel thehiddenmessage, telling people to stop playing DOTA, eventually leading to her "Do Not Play TF2" website, a front for a series of puzzles, which in turn may be a front for OCT with an unknown purpose. The notes revealed by ? ? ? appeared to out her as a front for OCT, but Malena later claimed that this was not true. ? ? ? however, was right about Malena being a fabrication from OST after the "Do Not Play TF2" sequence came to it's end.

? ? ?

"? ? ?" is the name used for the currently unknown character who has hacked Malena's website multiple times. She claims that Malena is a liar and revealed hidden notes apparently from OCT on Malena's site, and shared knowledge of the password for them. ? ? ? may be a part of OCT, but Malena claims that she is actually a girl at her school who hates Malena. Her hacking experience suggests that she may actually be Codi, but the character's identity is still unknown.


Codi was a 17-year-old girl who appeared in the Teragon 2/Codi ARG before it was ended early. While Malena and ? ? ? possess some similarities to her, it is unknown if Codi will appear again. She was a young hacker who was responsible for breaking into the Teragon Group's YouTube channel and created an unfinished series of puzzles across various websites. Was lated revealead to be a fabrication from OCT.


Codi's cat. She likes it very much.

EFS (Electronic Freedom Society

A group of people who fight for the freedom of the internet and against the Order of Crimson Temple.


An worker from EFS who was first shown when the EFS was first discovered. He updated with puzzles and info from OCT. Later, fired Samuel from the team. Was lated fired from the lack of deadline meeting.


Another worker from EFS. Because of his lazy behavior, was fired from the team.


Other worker from EFS. After Samuel's firing, gave the Game Detectives deadlines for completing the puzzles that came from OCT. Was also later fired for the lack of deadline meeting.