Order of the Crimson Temple

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Order of the Crimson Temple

OCT logo.png

Status Unknown
Location 24 Via Napoli, Rome, Italy
Members James L. Stanford, Codi, Malena, Pr. J. Gilly, JB, Dr. M. Stamfort, PF, GB, Dr. O. M., WK, FD, MC, Dr. H. W., Pr. D. Dellamore, Dr. K. L., HK, LB, Dr. L. M., Dr. J. K, WJ, Pr. O. C., X
ARG appearances EFS
First appearance 2016-04-17

Order of the Crimson Temple, also known as OCT Publishing, are a cult group that appeared in EFS, determined to unleash a virus on the "Day of Reckoning". It created Codi, Malena, and the eSports Gossip website as trials to recruit new members; these, however, ultimately sided with the rival Electronic Freedom Society.

The Chosen One

According to their site, James L. Stanford founded the group in 1968 after failing as a fiction writer and is looked up to by its members as "The Chosen One".