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This page is about the character that appeared in EFS. For the part of the ARG also known as Malena, see the EFS timeline.
Gender Female
Location Spain (fictionally)
Affiliation Order of the Crimson Temple
ARG appearances EFS
First appearance 2016-04-15

Malena was a 17 or 18-year-old girl who was later revealed to be a fabrication by OCT, along with Codi. She ran a series of puzzles that were recruitment tests for OCT. Her main sites were thehiddenmessage Twitch account and the Do Not Play TF2 site.


Malena claimed to have two siblings, one older and one younger, and a best friend, whose name varied due to the inaccuracy of those creating the Malena character. She likes to pass her time by creating puzzles and ciphers for her friends to solve.