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Whatever happened to Mystery of the Emblem?

On 2016-07-10, /u/inreality_ made a post to /r/fireemblem entitled "Whatever happened next?". It linked this video on the previously-used In Reality channel.


The video was eventually solved by Discord user Randomiser. It used the tracks Theme of Encounter A and Theme of Encounter B from Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem. By noting that the video showed a circle around A and a dash through B, this was deciphered to be Morse Code, ultimately decoding to EMBLEMMYSTERIES.B.

Sara returns?

This led to, which appeared to feature the return of Sara from Mystery of the Emblem. whizzer0 was confirmed to be the puppetmaster of In Reality. The blog explained what had been happening since the end of Mystery of the Emblem; with the slight confusion that Sara was supposed to have died.

Who is Yukimura?

The Mystery returns

On 2016-07-10, /u/mysteryoftheemblem made a post to /r/xenoblade_chronicles entitled "incomingsignal". It linked to a SoundCloud file which was part of the song 'The Key We've Lost from Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Discord user A4 eventually solved it by interpreting the on-and-off nature of the audio as binary, yielding this result:

Discord user Crauss solved this as a Vigenere by finding the key wevelost, yielding, a blog belonging to Yukimura. Intriguingly, all the posts are from 2058.


Trials and tribulations

On 2058-07-13, Yukimura put up a document of challenges from their roommate. A second file was put up two days later. The solutions to the fifteen challenges will not be spoiled here.


Note that this timeline will not document story events in the ARG. See the universe pages or the actual ARG sites themselves.

On 2058-07-16, a post from an unknown user was added to Yuki's Blog. Discord user VintageKeith realised that the audio contained a hidden SSTV image and revealed this message:


OLRTOSUOVDAAMUEILQ would return again in future hacked messages and was later solved to mean ARCHANEAWILLBEOURS.

Once more into the sim

Yukimura decided to add two more units, Kath and Trevor, to the simulation to attempt to prevent Sara from going to Sarrow. However, this failed and both units were killed in Sarrow.


Another hacked post featuring an audio file was added on 2058-07-18. It also contained an image, presumably intended to be identical to the SSTV image hidden in the audio: