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Eye Sigil ARG

Eye Sigil.jpg

The Eye ARG, also known as the Sigil or Eye Sigil ARG, began in 2014 and involves at least 10 otherwise unrelated indie games which all contain a hidden symbol and a unique puzzle piece which forms part of a larger "map".
Creator Unknown
Status On Going
Discovered January 25th, 2016

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The Strange Glyph

On or around January 25th, 2016, a strange image was found in the SteamApp root directory of the game "Crypt of the Necrodancer". While this image had been found long before, its purpose remained unknown until another glyph was obtained, this time by snooping through the original image using a hex editor. Still, no clear answers about the images would emerge, until...

A Shared Mystery

By a combination of astute observation and dumb luck, it was discovered that the initial image found in Crypt of the Necrodancer, coined "the sigil", was present in other games as well. In each game where it is present, the sigil is accompanied by a second, hidden glyph. Sometimes, the glyph will become visible after completing a challenge in the game. In certain circumstances, the glyph has only been recovered using data-mining strategies (ie digging through the files/assets of the game).

The Big Picture

After several glyphs had been discovered, some began to wonder if, perhaps, each glyph was intended to be joined together to form a larger puzzle, which could then be applied somehow, either as a cipher or otherwise, in order to gain new information. While it is not certain how these pieces ought to be assembled, various guesses have been made as to their configuration. It is also currently assumed that we don't have all of the pieces yet, and so are still searching for sigils in games.

You can now give it the puzzle a try yourself with a tool made by DukeBG, making it easy to place an rotate the puzzle pieces yourself. Give it a go!

Possible solutions to the puzzle (ie configuring the pieces into one uniform image) include:

Example One Example Two Example Three Example Four Example Five Option 1 Example Five Option 2
Glyph Example 1.png Glyph Example 2.png Glyph Example 3.png Glyph Example 5.jpeg Finaloption1.jpg Finaloption2.jpg

Please note that some older versions of the assembled puzzle no longer include all current pieces, as they were created prior to those pieces' discoveries.

If you want to give puzzle assemble a shot yourself, two up-to-date albums are available, one with all the pieces & sigils in their original format and one with labeled PNG versions of each piece, re-sized so their circles match in diameter. Historically, flipping and rotating of pieces is acceptable during assembly, however skewing/stretching/re-sizing of the piece is not. Piece overlap is encouraged, as it helps confirm a piece's true orientation.

Commonality Between the Games

The question of whether or not the games involved with this ARG are linked in some way has proven very difficult to answer. It was first postulated that each games' developers had attended Indiecade, however later discovery of additional games sunk this theory. For now, a consistent, viable theory of connection is lacking. However, coming up with one that works could be the key to finding the rest of the sigil-containing games.

Confirmed Appearances

No. Found In Store Price Release date Sigil Added Sigil Location Sigil Image Solution Puzzle piece Video
1 Crypt of the Necrodancer Steam GOG $14.99 2015, Apr 25th May 29, 2015 Image hidden in the steam game folder Eye Sigil.jpg Hidden inside steam game files Cotn piece.png YouTube
2 Mini metro Steam GOG iOS $9.99 2015, Nov 6th 2015, Feb 13th Sigil appears by going back and forth between credits and menu MiniM screen.png Puzzle piece is obtained by recreating the sigil. MiniM piece.png YouTube
3 Legend of Dungeon Steam $9.99 2013, Sep 13th 2105, Dec 8th Puzzle piece is on the 27th floor after finding the sigil. LoDsigil.png Sigil appears when clicking the dwarf in the pause menu. LengOfD piece.png YouTube
4 The Magic Circle Steam $19.99 2015, July 9th Before 2015, July 14th Sigil appears on the door of an airlock. Mcsigil.png Puzzle piece appears above the room with the airlock. MagicC piece.png YouTube
5 Neon Struct Steam $17.99 2015, May 20th 2015, May 20th Sigil appears on the shirt of a character named "Stranger". NeonS screen.png Puzzle piece found by playing through the game talking to all strangers, getting all geocaches, saving a displacement orb for the end, and throwing it past the ending trigger. NeonS piece.png YouTube
6 Mos Speedrun 2 Steam Android iOS $8.99 2015, Sept 3rd 2015, Oct 15th Sigil appears in a secret area reached by jumping through a roof tile in stage 3-4. Puzzle piece found by solving all secrets in the game up to the final puzzle. MosS2 screen.png The puzzle piece appears in a hidden area on level 3-3. MosS2 piece.png YouTube
7 Flickers Website $0.00 2015, Nov 1st 2015, Nov 9th Sigil appears on tree shortly into the game. Flickers screen.png Piece appears when speedrunning the level. Flickers piece.png YouTube
8 Sokobond Steam GOG $9.99 2014, Jan 21st 2015, Jan 31st Sigil appears whenever you solve a level with a solution involving hydrogen. When this happens, it appears with a count of such solutions you have made (out of 12). Soko screen.png The sigil will appear on screen once the solution is completed. Soko piece.png YouTube
9 Moon Hunters Steam GOG $14.99 2016, Mar 10th 2016, Feb 9th Sigil appears in some levels as a statue structure. In multiplayer, two people have to perform a specific pose while standing on the sigil to obtain the puzzle piece. MoonH screen.png The sigil will appear on screen once the solution is completed. MoonH piece.png YouTube
10 Soda Drinker Pro Steam $9.99 2016, Apr 13th 2016, Apr 20th Sigil appears in the corner of the room in Level 2. SodaDrPro screen.jpg Puzzle piece found by glitching through wall. SodeDrPro piece.png YouTube
11 Bellular Hexatosis itch.io $0.00 2015, Nov 6th 2016, June 20th Sigil is visible at the start of the game. Clicking on the sigil causes it to spin. Bhsigil.png Puzzle piece found by clicking the colored mushrooms found elsewhere in the game in the order the sigil displays after spinning. Bellular hexatosis piece.png YouTube
12 Slide the Shakes Android iOS $0.00 2016, Feb 24th Unknown Sigil appears in the corner of the room in Level 88. Morse code hidden in the level spells out "ARCHUSB". Shakesigil.png N/A Slide the Shakes Piece Unlabled.jpeg N/A
. Souls of Darkness itch.io $8.00 2016, Jan 2nd 2016, Jan 2nd Sigil appears next to the name of the map. Symbols underneath the sigil correspond to a series of numbers. SoulsOfD screen.jpg N/A SoulsOfDarknessPiece.png YouTube
. Kingdom of Loathing Website $0.00 2003, Oct 2nd 2014, Oct 3rd Sigil appears on first visit to The Secret Government Laboratory. KoL screen.png N/A Not Found YouTube

Media Appearances

The reveal of the ARG led to a few big threads on reddit, primarily /r/games, which in turn lead to some attention from vg 24/7, Kotaku and PCgamer.



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