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Active and unsolved investigations

Source Discovery Date Status Details Questions
60MinutesToEscape Room Escape Run 2016-12-09 Ongoing Fresh [email protected] sent us an image that after multi-step decoding pointed to 60 Minutes To Escape room escape games facility in Portland, Oregon. After giving them the password and they contacted us in regards to arranging a free, special session outside of their regular hours on 2016-12-12 at 19:00 PST. Our Portland agents successfully completed the room, and received a frog keyring and key for their troubles.
  • What does the key open?
Berkeley Bowl IRL event 2016-12-02 Ongoing Fresh The writeup of the even that occured on 10 Dec 2016 can be found here. We got a multi-layer puzzle from it that when solved is pointed to a specific book in a specific library: "Slithy toves: illustrated classic herpetological books at the University of Kansas in pictures and conversations" by Sally Haines, in the Marian Koshland Bioscience & Natural Resources Library (University of California, Berkeley). Inside the book was a letter from Charles Ashby, which linked to a google drive containing a set of Frog Fractions 2 3D Models.
  • What's up with "The Decision Cycle" diagram?
  • What's the relationship of the other items received?
  • Are the 3D models just cool, or do they hold a secret?
Denizens of Bug Mars Facebook 2016-12-14 Solved? Fresh Pastebin code that was posted to the Denizens of Bug Mars Facebook on 19 Nov 2016 resolved (after multiple ciphers) in the phrase a trail that ends in shimmering Sparkles. * Where does that point to and what should we do about it?
  • Is it relevant if we found it only after a month after we were supposed to? FROG 1.5 2015-07-30 Ongoing Pages of FUTURE RESISTANCE OPERATION GARRISON 1.50 pages on have been the main source of narrative developments since the website's discovery. Many unrelated puzzles have led to new logins. See the main section for more information.
  • Are there any more login accounts?(Dwayne? Unused Resistance?)
  • Does the ever-changing operatives list have a purpose?
  • Does the requisitions list have a purpose? Terminal Client 2016-08-16 Ongoing The terminal is available through the login for Number Six and later Number One. Number Six has yielded 5 emails thus far, with the last on Aug 28 2016, when it gave a sombra skull spoof. On Nov 14, 2016, Number One login was discovered as the conclusion of the Eye Sigil ARG and gave us links to Soupertasters videos.
  • What secrets does the terminal hold?
  • Is it the email client mentioned in clemens/tundra login?
  • Does Gustav have a terminal login? ("you should see that coming through on your terminal")
  • Are there any clues in the soup videos?
Indiecade 2016 Box 2016-09-18 Complete? During one of Justin's streams, he mentioned a mystery box and held it up to the camera. The box was obtained on Oct 15 and opened Oct 22. It contained some skulls, sand, and moss. On Nov 6 and 7, the box was subjected to UV lights. This revealed UV writing in numbers and Cyrillic words. Photos of contents and writing can be viewed here. The numbers were translated using a binary, Braille and Playfair cipher into a message directing us to the IsTheJigUpYet twitter feed.

The box was later described as being retrieved and/or stolen in different timelines, being mentioned in the silent film and The pastebin from the library note

  • Are there any further clues in the relationship of all the contents?
  • What is Zagmar's involvement?
The Ashby Brewery and Indie Game Studio 2015-09-24 Cold? The Ashby Brewery and Indie Game Studio Fall 2015 Quarterly Brewsletter posted on Kickstarter as Update #11. Leads to Admin page found. IP Hashes in decoded, giving the characters 12bzayx. No use for these characters has been found (other than changing text on some pages), and the admin page has yet to be accessed. This was considered cold until 28 Aug 2016, when Justin mentioned in on his stream. The brewery's twitter also briefly became active again. Full involvement and details here.

The beer (a character gluing labels of it on the bottles) was also featured the silent film released through the IsTheJigUpYet twitter on 19 Nov 2016 after the box was solved.

On 04 Dec 2016 The Ashby brewery and the website were heavily mentioned in a puzzle that lead to the Berkeley December event, at the brewery's 'address'.

  • Is there a login to the admin page?
  • What are the IP hash characters 12bzayx for?
  • Why does the capitalization of the text on the beer page change based on IP addresses?
  • Why has it suddenly started being mentioned again?
Propaganda Posters 2016-02-18 Cold Obtained via Museum of Jurassic Technology Event. Refer to Propaganda Posters for more details about the posters.
  • What secrets do they hold?
  • Does DST mean anything?
Quartz 2016-01-20 Cold :( Emails received in Gustav account advising of a delivery of goods to a Amazon locker in Cerrito, El Cerrito Plaza on January 20th. This is the result of the Indiecade 2015 amiibo.

The goods were retrieved. They were addressed to "James A Crawford" and contained "One Pound Quartz Rock Crystal Healing". Imgur album here and Amazon page here.

Something like these stones can be seen in the silent film found 19 Nov 2016

  • What are these even for? Why were they sent?
  • Time machine because time travel? Piezoeletricity? Sparkles?
  • Why James Crawford (not Jim)?
IsTheJigUpYet Twitter 2016-11-03 Ongoing Fresh The twitter account began making spelling errors on 03 Nov 2016. The encoded message on the mystery box confirmed this twitter account is a part of the ARG. See here for the decoding. Currently (05 Dec 2016) it gives a string EBARD2N superimposed on a repeated hacked.

After the indicade 2016 box pointed at this twitter, it was used several times to spawn new puzzle leads (in addition to the "typos").

  • How do we use EBARD2N and hacked?
  • How long will the "spelling errors" go on?
  • Do we require the full string to solve?
Denizens of Bug Mars videos on Youtube 2016-11-19 Ongoing Fresh a.k.a. A Fiend Bronzes Mugs, a.k.a. The Museum of Relics of Extinct Timelines of Bug Mars. This is a Youtube channel that continuously adds more videos. There was the first video describing the current state of affairs on Bug Mars, but other than that the videos are mostly stills with no sound and a (usually heavily colour-shifted and mirrored) image of something insects-related. Videos used to be 5 seconds long, but then switched to 10 seconds. Sometimes the video on this channel would be a professionally made original music track (credited with links to the artists).

The videos are described as "artifacts" and have a DS and LaS designation. Those are numbers from two known sequences (1, 2). See the table here for full listing.

On most videos the artifact number was destroyed by sparkles. However from 29 Nov 2016 to 01 Dec 2016 we got 5 videos with that "intact". It (together with another clue) pointed to the books in the specific library, that we visited and got stripes with a string pointing to pastebin. See below as a separate investigation thread.

Occasionally there would be more puzzles either in the videos (like clicks in Dirge: Decay) or linked in the descriptions, or as a straight up video (see Closed for repairs).

  • Is there something the DS/LaS sequence numbers will map out?
  • Are there more clues in the names of the videos, the contributors names or anything else in the descriptions?
  • Dirge: Decay message was that our timeliene's Jim is in danger and we should save him. From what? What can we do?
Datamoshed Zagmar 2016-11-23 Just flavor? Fresh The tweet that lead to the discoveries of the silent film and the Bug Denizens youtube channel also had a trail through the symbols in the description of the russians channel. Initially it ended in the joke about secret stuff being a crummy kind of a commercial. However, later we noted more clues in it and they lead to the datamoshed image of Zagmar that had some text string included near the end.
  • Is this text just flavor or it contains more clues?
A note forever voyaging 2016-12-03 Ongoing/Possibly completed?Fresh The clues from the Bug Denizens youtube channel lead to five stripes of identical notes between the pages of books in a library in Tennessee. This string is an URL for a pastebin titled A note forever voyaging. It's a message from somebody with [email protected] address talking about the indicade 2016 box and passwords. So far, we only got a french "Alors!" message with a quote from a french movie script from emailing "17" to it. The gmail user is "jiggy withit". Eventually TTraveler0451 sent a task, which when followed to completion, led us to the 60 Minutes To Escape escape room.
  • Why the French movie quotes?
  • Should we expect anything else from this account?
Megaman Battle Network Playlist 2016-11-10 Unconfirmed During Justin's false "Jig is Up" stream, he said one of the missed clues was a youtube playlist that had a song that didn't belong on it. A LordHuffnPuff YouTube channel was found with this playlist on it.
  • Is this a missed clue?

Sources of clues

The following should all be monitored, as they are known to provide clues and ARG related information.

Source Discovery Date Status Details Links
Train Hot Dog 2015-05-28 Ongoing Jim Crawford's weekly podcast, Train Hot Dog, in which he (usually) talks to himself on a train. Several major developments (and a large number of red herrings) have come from this podcast. Refer to the Train Hot Dog page for more information. Youtube playlist

Dowloadable MP3s

Train Hot Dog Wiki

Twitter Various Ongoing Twitter accounts both from the devs and from in game organizations
Youtube channels Various Ongoing Youtube channels that featured ARG-related contents
Denizens of Bug Mars Facebook page 2016-12-14 Ongoing Facebook page similair to the Denizens of Bug Mars Youtube channel in photos, started at the same time as the channel. Denizens of Bug Mars on Facebook
Justin Bortnik's Twitch stream N/A Ongoing Refer to the twitch log for more information
Red Pages Podcast 2015-10-07 Ongoing Has given clues in a few episodes but not as consistently as THD
Gustav Klimt Email account 2016-01-15 Sporadic Used for obtaining quartz, most recent email coincides with terminal email

Solved Investigation Threads

The following are investigation threads that are considered solved

Source Discovery Date Status Details Outcome
Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter 2014-03-11 Solved Kickstarter Launch. Contains announcement video, leading to Recipe on is entered in Frog Fractions. Leads to Obama Shaving Simulator. Obama shaving simulator leads to fake tweet, advising of UC Berekley Meet. At the UC Berkeley Meet, we acquire Floppy Disks containing Bug Porn and stinky.arj. stinky.arj cracked unlocks Live Action Frog Fractions(considered end of investigation). Twinbread codes also led to a Rickroll
Indiecade 2015 amiibo 2015-10-26 Solved Several clues pointed to Indiecade 2015 as an event. Luigi Amiibo. Leads to Gustav email account.
Game Developers's Conference 2016 2016-3-14 Solved Business card from Justin TTC login