List of Investigations

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Note: often an ARG is named by the community. Alternative names that exist appear on the specific investigation's main page.


Name Type Status Creator Started Discovered Concluded
76543 Closed Unknown 2016-03-16 2016-03-16 Unknown
Black Mesa Independent Gone Cold SometimesIDreamOfCheese 2016-03-28 2016-04-11 2016-05-23
Electronic Freedom Society Independent Closed gayfarang 2016-03-19 2016-03-20 2016-04-22
Eye Sigil ARG Official Active Unknown 2014-10-03 2016-01-25
FRTS The Message Community Active TheCreativeGod 2016-02-26 2016-03-07
Human Souls Active Unknown 2016-03-05 Unknown
In Reality Community Active Unknown 2016-06-12 2016-06-27
Kill Your Internet Official Closed Camouflaj 2016-03-17 2016-03-18 2016-04-02
Mystery of the Emblem Community Closed whizzer0 2016-03-26 2016-03-26 2016-04-07
Project 11 Community Closed Project 11#6740 2016-06 2016-06-02 2016-06-19
Steam Winter 2015 Official Closed Valve 2015-12-22 2015-12-22 2016-01-04
Teragon Independent Closed gayfarang 2016-01-31 2016-01-31 2016-02-07
Watching You Independent Active Unknown 2016-07-02 2016-07-02



  • Official - Affiliated with source material, game studio or related organisation.
  • Independent - Not affiliated with any source material or a specific organisation. Often an entirely original story.
  • Community - As 'Independent', but created by one or more GD community members/for the community. Often, trailhead and clues appear primarily on community resources.
  • Investigation - No ARG or puzzle has been confirmed. In the majority of cases, clues have been discovered. This may be used temporarily before such a time that confirmation has been made, or may be a permanent status. Sometimes investigations will reveal a simple marketing gimmick or similar.


  • Active - Known to be ongoing. Clues are still appearing, or attempts to resolve existing ones are still underway.
  • Gone Cold - Attempts to advance have become fruitless and no progress is being made. Clues have potentially stopped appearing. May return to 'Active' if a new lead is uncovered or a clue has been solved. This may also be used in cases where the puppetmaster has seemingly put the project 'on hold'.
  • Unknown - The community has disengaged with this investigation and its status is currently not known.
  • Closed - The investigation has completed to its logical conclusion (it has been solved), the puppetmaster is confirmed to have permanently ceased progress or a fixed time limit has been exceeded (as with an ARG running alongside a sale, etc.).


The date that the ARG or puzzle is known to have begun or the trailhead first appeared.


The date that the investigation began.


The date that the investigation was closed or the trail went cold (if known).


These clues have been investigated and looked after if it was serious, but didn't turn out to be more than grasping at straws. They are listed here for archival purposes.

Name Type Status Creator Started Discovered Concluded
April Fools Community Closed GameDetectives moderators 2016-04-01 2016-04-01 2016-04-01
Steam Summer 2016 Investigation Closed Valve Unknown 2016-06-23
HOXOR Investigation Gone cold Night Work Games Unknown 2016-04-23
Rocket League Investigation Gone cold Unknown Unknown 2016-03
SUPERHOT Investigation Gone cold Superhot Team 2016-02-26 2016-02-26