Mystery of the Emblem:Josh

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Gender Male
Status Alive
Location Archanea simulation
Affiliation Resistance
ARG appearances Mystery of the Emblem
First appearance 2016-03-27

Josh is a Fire Emblem unit who fights against AWBO in Archanea.

Mystery of the Emblem

Josh was the second of the original three units who appeared in Mystery of the Emblem and took player input to decide his path. He started to the west of Sarrow and headed to the city of Senlo which, shortly after, was attacked by the revolutionary group "Archanea Will Be Ours". After teaming up with Sara, the pair continued to attempt to wipe out AWBO, but the resistance fell at the last remaining AWBO base.

The post-ARG AMA revealed that he has the potential to be very malicious:

Josh was perhaps the most radically different. His character was supposed to be that he initially appeared friendly but slowly became more psychopathic, eventually having the potential to become a ruthless dictator. While I kept trying to open up ways for him to return to that, you lot were so determined to make him a better character after the failure of Thomas that he completely changed.

Josh's status is unknown but he has been confirmed to appear in the ARG's sequel. He is the only one out of the three units to have survived.