Electronic Freedom Society

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For the ARG of the same name, see EFS.

Electronic Freedom Society
Status Active
Location Unknown (EFS); New Los Angeles, 2058 (In Reality)
Known members Mark, Samuel, Martha, Eric, May
ARG appearances EFS, In Reality
First appearance 2016-04-17

The Electronic Freedom Society is an organisation that first appeared in the ARG of the same name as a rival to the Order of the Crimson Temple. It is "a small non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and fostering freedom over the Internet."


The organisation first hacked Malena's website several times, warning that she was untrustworthy. They were later formally introduced after Malena's training was complete, leading to their blog whose first post proved that Malena, Codi, and eSports Gossip were fake. After a poll decided that the solvers would ally with EFS, they continued to set tasks to take down OCT.

In Reality

EFS still exists in 2058 and returned in In Reality, despite it having a different puppetmaster. A member named May investigated Yukimura's Blog and AWBO and first appeared in a hacked post, warning people not to trust AWBO's posts.



Mark is apparently the leader of EFS and initially introduced the players to the organisation.


Samuel was an obnoxious employee briefly mentioned in this post.


Martha is another member who is very caring for the players.


Eric is another member who stepped in when Martha was out.


May is the only known member of EFS in 2058. She figured out how to hack into Yukimura's Blog and offered to accept leaks.