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  • Outstar: What's the magic word then? ...mora's audio log were used to follow his lead to the next audio log. Using words that stood out from the audio logs from clues 04 and 05, searching "fortune
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  • ...0647080137884418/ a similar image] was found by players of the game "[[The Magic Circle]]" that also consisted of circles and arcs. The image was behind an in rubble, its halls no longer filled with glorious song. Doubt not my words." Coincidentally, the letter soup ''was'' solved and Patrick wrote about th
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  • ...the "Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie" (English: Dogma and Ritual of High Magic), and it derived from two books by French occult author & ceremonial magici ...ttle man with the egg-shaped head was not fooled, even from the very first words of the story.
    81 KB (13,122 words) - 00:57, 6 June 2018
  • ...tures are on the cover and the words are inside. here is the cover but the words are separated elsewhere." The main page of the site then updated, removing the "pictures and words" hint and changing the title to "see you soon".
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  • ...S4", clicking the link leads to a magic eye image. The image run through a magic eye solver results in the message <code>DANGER SPARKLES</code> ...Quarterly Brewsletter] video contained three audio glitches before certain words: 0:55 decay, 1:44 truth, 2:08 info. This would lead to
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  • ...S4", clicking the link leads to a magic eye image. The image run through a magic eye solver results in the message <code>DANGER SPARKLES</code> ...obot" phrase in the RPP Extrasode 3. "-and Herbie screamed" being the next words in the story.
    66 KB (10,652 words) - 23:20, 17 June 2018
  • ...formally introduced. I did not understand, but then I only knew a very few words in any foreign language. They were offering us something unusual. They want them, and any others that might cross his path. It's known that he uses magic and he wasn't aware of the cyborg technology the Resistance utilizes.
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  • Words of the Last Dragon Magic Cards: An Introduction to Tarot
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  • ...inverting the colour scheme of the video on some frames, and changing the words "bradwell electronics" into "brdawlel elketbomcs" at [ Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
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  • ...same as the YT channel) featuring a QR code that leads to a video with the words "Get Ready" in red and the date 15.6.17, or June 15th, 2017. ...reland.htm story from Ireland], on how a hill, Tara, was unremarkable, yet magic. It was a pagan monument to crown the king. In 558 A.D. a saint dispelled T
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  • ...an_civilizations/ History sub on Reddit], asking for information about '''"magic and rituals in pre-Columbian civilizations in South America."''' <b>Magic and rituals in Pre-Columbian civilizations in South America</b>
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  • | Locker 21 reserved by Every Song is Worth a Million Words in the name of Phil Collins. ...copingLandscape in the name of My Little Gravity Falls: Steven Universe is Magic
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