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| completed  = 2016-04-22
| completed  = 2016-04-22
[[Main Page]] > [[List of Investigations]] > '''EFS'''
[[Main Page]] > [[List of Investigations]] > '''EFS'''

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Completed on 2016-04-22
EFS icon.png
The Electronic Freedom Society ARG
Type [[List_of_Investigations#Independent|Independent]]
Creator gayfarang
Discovered 2016-03-20
Completed 2016-04-22
Main Page > List of Investigations > EFS

Please excuse how blatantly empty this page and its subpages are. This page is being built, but it will take time- EFS is a large ARG.

The Electronic Freedom Society ARG (also know as the Codi, eSports Gossip, Malena, or OCT ARG) was an ARG created by gayfarang as a sequel to the popular Teragon ARG. The titular EFS enlisted players to help defeat their rival Order of the Crimson Temple through the powers of puzzle-solving.