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This is a condensed timeline of the ARG's events and major developments in The Black Watchmen's investigation.

1970s - 1980s

• "Kick Drive" project developed at Montauk



• Full moon
• 2 million pounds of fish washed up on miles of beach in Southampton, NY, USA


• First mysterious signal detected at False Point in Montauk, NY
Special Taskforce Q98A66 set up.
TBW Agents crack the cipher from the first signal
• Alice & Smith officially announce Operation DAWNBLOOM
Announcement of the first attempt at a return broadcast, to be carried out the next day
• Estimated appearance of a second signal
Agents discover the formula for the broadcast frequencies
First successful signal vanishing
• Agent contacts Peter Moon, co-author of a popular series of books detailing supposed secret government projects at Montauk Air Force Base. He replies, interested in the project.



New signal found off False Point
• Liaison confirms they have the second signal's data, later made available for analysis
• An agent reaches out to Peter Moon once again. He responds
Several messages sent by the agents (Beehive and Camp Hero coordinates)
• Full moon, used for coordinates as per Zaelong's coordinates in the previous messages
• Agents choose to stay back and only observe the Beehive in Boston, avoiding any and all contacts with the unknown entity
Liaison, Diagnostic and Brain went out on a boat to receive the signal sent by MoonMan
Diagnostic gets hurt by the drone, and what seems like bone fragments
• 3rd signal is lost
Liaison updates the agents on Diagnostic's condition
• Liaison, Diagnostic and Brain gets kicked out of the vet
• Diagnostic hijacks the van, leaving Brain and Liaison at a fast-food
• Diagnostic suspected of being affected with some kind of Lycanthropy
• Control goes MIA chasing a lead
• Control poses as Ms Alma Oakley to infiltrate Pfizer and place trackers on shipments
• Agents locates the trackers set by Control
• Tactical regroups with Liaison and Brain to locate the two trackers in New Haven, they find 2 containers and 2 homeless women
• Agents try to decipher the messages left in chalk by the homeless women and Brain
• Liaison opens a letter marked with the Black Watchmen logo, but cannot divulge contents to agents until cleared by Control
• Liaison, Brain, and Diagnostic stole a boat in Montauk to try and disable the drone with nets and thermite
• Dispatch informs agents that Q98A66 is unreachable
• Liaison's legs are severely injured by thermite and shrapnel
• Diagnostic blown to pieces, but make a raft and bring Brain to shore
• Diagnostic experiences physiological changes
• Later that day, Liaison connects on Discord. He is injured and complaining about the Minions movie at the hospital
• Liaison briefs the agents about the contents of the Black Watchmen envelope: Q98A66 must compromise Lphabeta
• Control and Tactical are in Pennsylvania to infiltrate Lphabeta and acquire signal #3's data
• Agents can provide mailing addresses to receive and analyse leaks from Control's infiltration
• Liaison updates the agents on Diagnostic's condition (heart worm infection)
• Q98A66 became aware of an additional radio signal emanating from the far side of the moon.
• Full moon
Diagnostic suffers severe health complications
• Dr Talcom wants to use Rupture Bone
• Agents determine the best way to stimulate the worms is blue light between 460-480 nm
• Later, Liaison provides details on what happened exactly in the operating room
• Brain on Discord, giving chores to agents and pointing at a YouTube video.
• Encrypted drive recovered from Lphabeta containing transmissions #3 and #4 and Farside transmissions 1~4 recorded in Pearl Harbor. It is decided that Lexic_Meise would receive the drive and decrypt its contents
• Liaison alarmed about Brain's connection to Adjective Alpha
• Control is having a dinner with Lphabeta's CEO. She also updates agents about the status of letters sent to Brain.
• Q98A66 attempt to record from an inland water source
• Signal #4 recorded at Money Pond
• A discussion with Medical lead to a better understanding of the possible underlying mechanisms affecting him.
• Second attempt to capture the drone, using nets and the Roswell Device
• A drive is recovered from the drone
• Liaison told the Discord that Adjective Alpha was missing.
• Adjective Alpha sings with a human voice in an unknown language and is then put in containment in a glass framed shower


• Control uploads the truncated contents of signal #4 on Discord
• Tactical smashes Liaison's phone for fear of it being compromised
• Farside signal 5 received by our farside probe.
• Controls obtains Signal #3's contents along with pilfered Farside signals and sends those to an agent by mail, as time is pressing
• Peter Moon vetted and approved as an outside expert for the operation. Agents are asked to no longer contact directly.
• CHRP.exe found on the drive recovered from the drone. The drive is determined to likely be a bomb.
• Lphabeta twitter account discovered
• Progress made towards establishing agent Kokuei's cover to infiltrate Lphabeta
• The two homeless women are found dead
• Brain is interrogated and tortured
• Agents are worried about Liaison's medical condition, and advise him to call/visit a doctor for a check-up.
• The team is having a shuts down for the day due to a snowstorm.
• Brain connects on Discord while the other members of the team are sleeping, and releases some new documents to the agents
• Brain locked himself in the back of the van. The cold weather becoming a threat to his life, agents tried unsuccessfully to help him get out.
• Liaison, Diagnostic, and Control moves to Albany to meet up with Tactical
• Agents contact Dispatch concerning Brain's situation, which in turn contacts Medical to get him out of the van. Medical then assumes the role of Liaison in his absence.
• Medical uses a document created from agent's reports of the Crimson Library as his profile picture, which deeply disturbs agents previously exposed to the virus.
• Tactical is MIA after we believe he encountered hostiles, and is supposed to be either wounded or captured
• Liaison and Diagnostic never checked into Albany's point
Diagnostic's third transformation (Hotel incident)
• Controls comes to Discord to answer agent's questions. She gives her version of what happened in Boston
• Agents receive distress call from Diagnostic via email between 12 and 2 am
Turkey Mountain incident
• Brain's nicknaming points to Liaison and Diagnostic being different Liaison and Diagnostic
• Liaison (Schrodinger) goes to Liaison (Virgin Sacrifice)'s autopsy
• At about 4:30 pm EST, the whole team was pinged and is heading back to the hotel base command for an emergency situation
• Tactical's arm and some of his clothes were picked up from the Hudson river earlier along with a kind of green and lavender saline sludge
• The team went to Prisvalde's home, but found nothing of interest. Just a lot of illegal substances, computer equipment, and some food, no signs of abduction.
• NT4 cracked poltate-expedition-documents.tumblr.com's password (savethebiologist)
• Liaison relays part one and two of Transmission #5 from Money Pond
• Subject Diagnostic's failing health suddenly went into a period of rapid recovery, but the subject lost awareness of his senses. He was clearly trying to find out where he was, but we lacked any way to cause any sensory response
• After 8 pm, Diagnostic began speaking as though someone was carrying a conversation with him, and by midnight he had become hysterical to the point we tried to sedate him. The sedative had no effect, and he reached a point of hysteria that we brought Specialist and Agent Tursk out of concern for Demonic or Rift Entity activity
• Division 66 tweets about a hostage situation related to DawnBloom, leading to the Hostage Situation.
•According to Lorenz Group, the tropical storm off the US west coast indicates a possible rift event that occurred in the area between Hawaii and Australia
• Liaison and Diagnostic were able to get the new transmission.


• Liaison reviews with the agents the status of each parameter currently active. The aim of this sitrep is to refocus agents efforts.
• Among a list of potential candidates, the one nicknamed "War Watson" by Brain is chosen to be the new Tactical.
• The LPhabeta approach strategy is now to send an agent to a double date with Control in the home of a high ranking Lphabeta official.
• Liaison has been checking possible rift sites across Canada and the West Coast.
• Letters are being delayed due to screenings by the agency.
• SSTV has been extracted from the signal and will be emailed to an agent, audio has been uploaded on Clyp as usual.
• New Tactical (War Watson) arrives at 212 and dismisses the security detail.
• A classfied ad has been placed in a bid to contact Tactical.(Picture of the ad)
• War Watson introduced himself. He is going to conduct a search on all airports that have capability of fueling helicopters or servicing them.
• Brain steals a laptop and Liaison's wallet, hides in a pizza place close to 212, comes on voice, and allows us to speak to Bud.
• Letters and packages that are currently ready have been sent out to agents.
• Field operation involving a double date with Control and another employee at Lphabeta was announced for the 24th.
• Diagnostic is reported to be in healthy condition with no demonic activity though other readings were observed that are not cleared to be shared.
• Raid conducted on drone launch sites.
• Video posted on Lphabeta twitter that contained Morse code within it both in visual and audio forms. Details
• Report regarding raid on drone launch site was provided to Agents by Liaison. Details
• Additional messages were posted to Lphabeta's twitter that contained hidden messages. Details
• Enemy agents intercepted Liaison outside of 212 for unknown reasons but was rescued after a daring plan from Tactical and Brain. Details
Further contact was made with Bud via AIM.
• Brain's direct phone line was now set up and the Discord should be contacted for more info regarding it.
• Madvillain and Control go on a date with Jeff Lyle, Head of HR at Lpha and end up at a party at 212 Showroom (recently purchased by Lpha).
• The party gets glasswicked by Bud and all from the party are at risk of dying next Friday unless Agents solve a riddle of elements hidden within three messages from the biologist. Details
• Madvillain is given a glyph message from Virgin Sacrifice for agents to decipher.
• TACTICAL tells agents to locate cell phones from Turkey Mountain and Mystic.
• Agents decipher the riddle element as Astatine and brief Medical to produce an antidote.
• Madvillain receives a Chinese take-away with the antidote hidden in tofu.
• Agents await his fate.


• Madvillain survives
• Liaison, Diagnostic and Brain go searching for the cell phones hidden by TACTICAL at Turkey Mountain and Mystic