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Eye Sigil ARG
Completed on 2016-11-15
Eye Sigil.png
The Eye ARG, also known as the Sigil or Eye Sigil ARG, lasted for nearly a year and spanned more than 25 seemingly unrelated indie games.
Type [[List_of_Investigations#Official|Official]]
Creator Twinbeard/Jim Crawford
Discovered 2016-01-25
Completed 2016-11-15
Timeline Eye_Sigil_ARG/Timeline
Hall of Fame Hall of Fame

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For a condensed timeline of events see Eye_Sigil_ARG/Timeline

The Sigil

In May 2015, a strange image was found in the SteamApp root directory of the game "Crypt of the Necrodancer". Its purpose remained unknown until another glyph was obtained, by snooping through the original image using a hex editor. No clear answers about the images emerged for some time.

Independently of the Necrodancer investigation, players of another game, "The Magic Circle" found a similar image with circles and arcs behind an airlock with a similar image shortly after the game's release in June 2015. They had deemed it pointless.

A Shared Mystery

Then, on 23 Jan 2016, a person who knew about the Crypt of the Necrodancer image discovered the same marking in Mini Metro. Suddenly, people started writing in about seeing it in even more games, including The Magic Circle, Sokobond, and Kingdom of Loathing. By a combination of astute observation and dumb luck, the image, coined the "eye sigil" (the word "sigil" came from the resource names used in the games) was now tying half a dozen games together.

In each game where it is present, the sigil is accompanied by a second, hidden circular glyph with little circles, squares and triangles on concentric arcs. While the sigil itself was visible (even though been in vague places or displayed after very specific actions), seeing the second image required completing some challenge, figuring out some devious puzzle planted in the game. In certain cases, the glyph was first recovered using data-mining strategies (i.e. digging through the files and assets of the game), before solving the mystery in intended way.

The Big Picture

After several glyphs had been discovered, it became clear that each of them was a fragment, intended to be joined together to form a larger puzzle. While at first it was not certain how these pieces ought to be assembled, as more pieces were discovered we were able to fill in the blanks.

You can now try putting the puzzle together yourself with a tool made by DukeBG. Give it a go!

Clean result: Dukemap.png Eye Sigil Clean Map.png

The arrangement of the map was complete as of 14 Aug 2016 with two "straight" arcs left as speculation lines. On 13 Oct 2016, the final lines were confirmed and there were no speculative lines left.

These resources were made before there was any solid information in regards to how the map should be used or solved. They are included here for historical purposes:

Commonality Between the Games

The question of whether or not the games involved with this ARG are linked in some way has proven very difficult to answer. It was first postulated that each game's developers had attended Indiecade; however, this theory was later sunk. For now, a consistent, viable theory of connection is lacking. For all we know, the games (and one book) are created by a comparatively small teams or indie developers (with a broad definition of this word, pretty much just being self-published). Many of them follow each other on Twitter or know each other in one form or another (including brothers David and Kyle J. Pittmans, who each had a sigil in their games).

Who Holds The Knowledge

As the ARG developed, some of the developers have disclosed personally and in interviews that… a large number of them don't know where all of this is going. They were presented with two images — the sigil and a map piece — and asked to hide the map piece behind the sigil (we can assume they were not told any particular instructions about hiding since all the developers did it in any way they liked). Moreover, they received subtle assurances that the ARG was nothing they’d be upset about supporting. Some developers seem to hold more knowledge, however, saying that the answer will reveal itself in time (this was said not as a clue, but as a remark by Kevin Simmons from Kingdom of Loathing at PAX West 2016).

Letter Soup

The solved letter soup

On 9 Nov 2016, Firewatch was updated on PC with the Free-Roam mode. Unlike the Xbox One version that had been available since September, the PC version also added a sigil. The sigil is on a board in one of the abandoned old shelters at Camp Arapahoe and on a cover of a journal found behind it. Before the update, that board had a symbol that reminded Bloodborne Hunter's Mark. The text of the journal found behind the board had some letters italicized, which spelled out `firewatchgamecomdataclientjpg`. That was a valid link on the game's website and a letter soup.

We believe that we have to overlay our map over it to read the line. We have DukeBG's tool to do it, allowing moving, resizing, rotating and flipping the map.

A remark about the letter soup: it has the letters along the bottom and right edges cut off, we entertained the idea that we only have a quarter of the full letter soup. Also it has some anomalies that suggest manual letter placing (namely, the :V spot and the 26 spot).


It took several days for people to try to fit the map on the letter soup. We made the list of coordinates which allowed to write a bruteforcer and that eventually gave us the answer: number one/elmourouj. This is a correct login/password combo for the Frog Fractions 2 ARG terminal http://time-travel.club/client.html.

Up there after logging in, you can watch four soup tasting videos featuring Jim Crawford and Ben McGraw. They were first uploaded as unlisted videos on 11 Oct 2016, but were updated to public on 16 Nov 2016 after we discovered them. You can watch them on the SoupTasters YouTube channel.

Nobody knows for sure if this is the end of the Eye Sigil ARG until we hear from the PMs or someone involved.

Sigil Master

In August 2016 a person named "Sigil Master" contacted the journalist Patrick Klepek after he wrote an article about the ARG. The message was limited to an Eye of Sauron image from Lord of the Rings movies and a text messages "The stars are not yet right", and the Gmail address was deleted right after that.

The Sigil Master appeared again on 14 Nov 2016, right as the Firewatch letter soup was being solved, stating in an email to Patrick that "The great cathedral lies now in rubble, its halls no longer filled with glorious song. Doubt not my words." Coincidentally, the letter soup was solved and Patrick wrote about the results. Sigil Master then contacted Patrick Klepeck for a long conversation again, and then talked to another journalist, Austin Walker, through Twitter. All of the logs of these conversations can be found here.

While this person could have been a creative troll reacting to the articles, the Sigil Master called out "Bit Bit Blocks" as a game with another sigil. They were proven right (the sigil was planted on 12 Nov 2015, and yielded a map piece that was almost identical to the Slide the Shakes one). Additionally, in his conversations he mentioned "Celulitte Church", which is actually something from the Frog Fractions 2 ARG lore. The style of communication also strongly resembles that of Justin Bortnick, the Frog Fractions 2 writer.

The message from the Sigil Master Lorakis to the people that found his sigils is to push forward with whatever information they have, thus a portal [to Jixandlia] may be discovered. This may or may not mean the game Frog Fractions 2 itself and would be further covered on the according wiki articles.

In the days following this, the Sigil Master reached out once again to Austin Walker, and answered a select few questions, particularly about this portal to Jixandlia. Yes, the portal to Jixandlia... though if we may be saved remains to be seen. You would have to emerge not only at the right place, but the correct when as well... the odds are low, but it is possible. He also suggests that seeking the remaining sigils may not add any further information to the search: While it is possible that you have not found all of them, enough have been gathered to suffice, else this conversation could not occur. If it amuses you to continue to hunt by all means do so, but do not let that distract you from the task at hand! Finally, he revealed that he has knowledge of one of the characters from the Frog Fractions ARG, Pontiff Zagmar, cursing the name and saying he was long dead, slain by the Empire when it was still a bastion of righteousness.


After the letter soup was solved, it was concluded that the Eye Sigil ARG was, in fact, a part of the existing Frog Fractions 2 ARG. To learn more about Frog Fractions 2, check its wiki page!

Confirmed Appearances

No. Found In Store Price Release date Sigil Added Sigil Location Sigil Image Solution Puzzle piece Video
1 Crypt of the Necrodancer Steam GOG $14.99 2015-04-25 2015-05-29 Image placed in the root directory of the steam game folder Eye Sigil.jpg Piece is embedded inside the sigil image file Cotn piece.gif YouTube
2 Mini Metro Steam GOG iOS $9.99 2015-11-06 2015-02-13 Sigil appears by going back and forth between credits and menu MiniM screen.png Clicking the sigil takes the player to a secret Canberra level. Puzzle piece is obtained by recreating the sigil on this level. MiniM piece.png YouTube
3 Legend of Dungeon Steam $9.99 2015-09-13 2015-12-08 Sigil appears when clicking the dwarf in the pause menu. LoDsigil.png Puzzle piece is unlocked when using the remote control in a room on the 26th floor after finding the sigil. LengOfD piece.png YouTube
4 The Magic Circle Steam $19.99 2015-07-09 2015-07-09 Sigil appears on the door of an airlock. Mcsigil.png Puzzle piece appears above the room with the airlock. MagicC piece.png YouTube
5 Neon Struct Steam $17.99 2015-05-20 2015-05-20 Sigil appears on the shirt of a character named "Stranger". Neon sigil.jpg Puzzle piece found by playing through the game talking to all strangers, getting all geocaches, saving a displacement orb for the end, and throwing it past the ending trigger. NeonS piece.png YouTube
6 Mos Speedrun 2 Steam Android iOS $8.99 2015-09-03 2015-10-15 Sigil appears in a secret area in stage 3-4 after unlocking three eye pillars on different stages. MosS2 screen.png The puzzle piece appears in a hidden level accessible after unlocking the sigil and completing the subsequent series of challenges throught the game. MosS2 piece.png YouTube
7 Flickers Website $0.00 2013-05-01 2015-09-11 Sigil appears on tree shortly into the game. Flickers screen.png There is a dot on the sigil level that disappears after a short time. Piece appears when reaching it (i.e. speedrunning the level). Flickers piece.png YouTube
8 Sokobond Steam GOG $9.99 2014-01-21 2015-01-31 Sigil appears whenever you solve a level with a solution involving hydrogen. When this happens, it appears with a count of such solutions you completed (out of 12 total). Soko screen.png The piece will appear on screen once 12 solutions involving hydrogen are completed. Soko piece.png YouTube
9 Moon Hunters Steam GOG $14.99 2016-03-10 2016-02-09 Sigil appears in some levels as a statue structure. MoonH screen.png Two players (or more) have to perform a specific pose while standing on the sigil in multiplayer. The piece will appear on screen. MoonH piece.png YouTube
10 Soda Drinker Pro Steam $9.99 2016-04-13 2016-04-13 Sigil appears in the corner of the room in Level 2. SodaDrPro screen.jpg Puzzle piece found by glitching through wall. SodeDrPro piece.png YouTube
11 Bellular Hexatosis itch.io $0.00 2015-11-06 2015-11-06 Sigil is visible at the start of the game. Clicking on the sigil causes it to spin. Bhsigil.png Puzzle piece found by clicking the colored mushrooms found elsewhere in the game in the order the sigil displays after spinning. Bellular hexatosis piece.png YouTube
12 Slide the Shakes Android iOS $0.00 2016-02-24 2016-02-24 (presumably) Sigil appears in the corner of the room in Level 88. Morse code hidden in the level spells out "ARCHUSB". Shakesigil.png Piece was on a USB hidden at an arch in L.A., that was a landmark in another ARG by the same devs. Slide the Shakes Piece Unlabled.jpeg N/A
13 Souls of Darkness itch.io $8.00 2016-01-02 2016-01-02 (though webdings added only on 2016-05-10) Sigil appears next to the name of the map. Symbols underneath the sigil are webdings and correspond to a series of numbers. SoulsOfD screen.jpg The numbers were a book cipher to be used on the GAME SOLVERZ HINTS after each of the 11 chapters in the book. It led to osdPcDotpng which led to the image link of the puzzle piece. SoulsOfDarknessPiece.png N/A
14 Kingdom of Loathing Website $0.00 2003-10-02 2014-10-03 Sigil appears on first visit to The Secret Government Laboratory adventure zone. KoL screen.png The drops of the monsters in the Secret Government Laboratory (Excluding those from Monster Manuel) had the first letters being all different letters from A to M. In alphabetical order, the last letters of each name give the string nlry9htdotgif which led to the image link of the puzzle piece. Nlry9ht.gif N/A
15 Quadrilateral Cowboy Steam $19.99 2016-07-25 2016-07-25 Visible above several clocks in the "Malta Stock Exchange" level. Qcsigil.png One of the monitors on the "Malta Stock Exchange" level says "MISSING CHUNKS". Within the games files, the code that renders text on this screen needed to be modified: "DELETE_THIS_CHUNK" part should be deleted and the missing chunks that are spread in comments of other scripts should be "restored". Then the piece is displayed on the monitor, drawn by rectangles defined by the chunks. TJ2Ss7I.png N/A
16 There Came an Echo Steam $14.99 2015-02-24 2015-02-24 Visible on the wall in level 5, near a point called Foxtrot 6 TCAE sigil.png Datamining the sigil revealed an equation (solution=EIEIO), leading to "Old McDonald Had a Farm" phrase. Using this voice command in-game in front of where the sigil is shows the piece on screen. TCAE.png YouTube
17 Duskers Steam $19.99 2016-05-18 2016-05-18 Hit f1, f2, f12 or del on launch, then hit enter on seeing %*)[email protected](#[email protected]*#$(&& and it appears in the top left for a split second DuskersSigil.png Choosing the %*)[email protected](#[email protected]*#$(&& option opens the browser with an URL containing a string of characters. An in-game clue links this string to another similar string, leading to the second URL with a login form. Currently the legitimate credentials to this form are not known, but the puzzle piece was found in that folder under the filename piece.jpg. DuskersPiece.jpg N/A
18 Clockwork Empires Steam $29.99 2014-08-15 2015-09-16 Seen in the promotional drawing on their website update page for v43. Same art appears ingame at certain "strange artifact" events ClockworkSigil.png The puzzle piece was hidden with OpenStego steganography software with the password 191761112 in the image with the sigil. The password is composed of the amounts of times the symbols in the promo image appear on the Phaistos Disc in order. CEPiece.jpg N/A
19 You Have to Win the Game Steam $0.00 2012-05-06 2015-08-20 Seen on the Listen to the Wind screen of the Extra Spicy mode near the end of the campaign. Alternatively available in the list of sprites by using the edit command by pressing ` in-game YHTWTG sigil.png Following the trail of clues in changed titles of the rooms, the player arrives to the clue Backmask the Myth, referring to the screen Hydra is Myth of the original campaign. By playing the original campaign and entering the password ARDYH, the player is teleported to a series of secret rooms marked by the sigil. One of them has the piece in the pause menu. YHTWTG piece.png YouTube
20 Bombernauts Steam $9.99 2015-07-31 2015-09-12 On a map named Sigil Bombernauts sigil.jpg There is a setting in the options menu called Awesomeness that takes text input and can return secret functions. The players on the Sigil level are given titles, namely complex, reduced, irrational, and transcendental. Inputting CRIT to the Awesomeness option while playing the Sigil level makes the puzzle piece appear. Bombernauts sharp.gif YouTube
21 QWOP Website $0.00 2008-11-12 2015-08-04 Appears on a barrier if you go 3m backwards from the starting line (WebGL version only) QWOP Sigil.png To see the piece you need to have a device with an accelerometer. Go backwards to see the sigil and turn the device upside down. The gravity will switch and you'll fly up to the piece in the sky. QWOP Piece.png YouTube
22 Choice Chamber Steam $9.99 2015-07-16 2016-09-15 In a normal playthrough you can only get a glitching heart after the cheating heart, which requires a shop that doesn't occur earlier than level 10. But using the debug mode to travel through rooms you can get the glitching heart on level 8. You'll see a pulsing sigil over the chest if you get to it. CCsigil.png Obtaining a glitched heart from a chest under the sigil pops up an error message that includes "say nothing". Saying "nothing" in a linked twitch chat while in room 8 causes the chat bot to emit a reversed imgur url. The image, also mirrored, is cryptically asking you to go back 501 rooms from the beginning and into room -500. Once there you needed to wait while the map piece assembles itself. CCpiece.png N/A
23 Reagan Gorbachev Steam $9.99 2016-02-24 2016-02-24 Sigil is in a hidden room in Level 22. Find the rocketlauncher and shoot the right wall at the end to get there. RG sigil.png Trigger an alarm so the door the enemies come through on the top of the level will open. You can walk through it after that and the piece is out there as seen here RG piece.png N/A
24 Firewatch: Free-Roam mode Steam $19.99 2016-02-09 2016-11-09 Sigil is on a cover of a journal found at Camp Arapahoe in one of the abandoned old shelters. Inside the journal there is a text, some of its letters are italicized. These letters spell out firewatchgamecomdataclientjpg. That's a valid link on the game's website Firewatch Sigil.png Not applicable, leads to the letter soup rather than the piece N/A
25 Bit Bit Blocks iOS Android $2.99 2015-11-12 2015-11-12 The sigil appears on a menu screen next to the version number of the game. Bitbitblocks sigil.png Hit the menu buttons repeatedly. It will start playing the melody for the Ode to Joy. Go back to the main screen and tap the 4 blocks. They expand to 8, and play notes when tapped. Repeat the melody to obtain the piece. Bitbitblocks piece.png N/A
26 Read Only Memories Steam $19.99 2015-10-06 2016-10-10 Sigil is shown in the post-game email section, as one of the email icons. Replaced a conspiracy-alike image that used to say "watching you…". ROM-sigil.png The email with the sigil's icon says to send a message to an email address; after following a scripted (but possibly manually operated) exchange, the piece was attached in the final message. ROM piece.jpg N/A

Questionable Appearances

After the ARG got enough popularity and press coverage, a lot of developers (especially the ones, who felt they didn't get invited) talked about adding the sigil in their own games for various purposes (be it fun or trolling, or just willingness to be included). It's easy enough to make a hoax like this and people who are solving the puzzle don't have a reliable way to verify the authenticity of the sigil. Especially when it's planted long after multiple media articles.

Since sigil-like images like that do pop up and people raise questions about them, we're documenting them too. Once there is enough investigation, a sigil can turn out to be real and will be moved to the confirmed section.

Found In Release date Sigil Added Sigil Location Sigil Image Reasoning
Roblox level 2016-08-26 2016-08-26 Appears after a button press in the beginning Roblox-sigillike.png Roblox levels are user-generated content. There is no developer name or any sort of credibility to it. The user that posted the level (ChallengerDelight) registered on the website the same day. Here's what happens after beating the level
Accounting 2016-10-18 2016-10-18 On the credits whiteboard Accounting-sigillike.png 1. The people on the development team joked about the ARG after discovering it before, see here. 2. The image is very different from the actual sigil in the bottom part, this is common for parodies. 3. Very late inclusion of the sigil.

After the Jig Was Up, it was confirmed that the sigil did not originate from Jim Crawford, but William Pugh was added to the credits nevertheless, making it an official part of the ARG.

Sigils That Were Not Found

We predicted that there are more sigils that we didn't found based on the fact that every spot of the map was otherwise covered by multiple pieces (a redundancy to allow solvers not to find every single one). In the end credits Frog Fractions 2 lists "Extra Special Thanks" to people who planted sigils in their games, so we can find them ex post facto.

Person's name Game Release date Sigil Added Sigil Location Sigil Image Notes
Chandana Ekanayake  ?
Megan Fox  ?
Daniel Mullins Pony Island 2016-01-04  ?  ? This one was not from Jim, but added by the developer after the ARG blew up in the news, the developer was dared by two friends to add a fake one. The game doesn't have a sigil itself, but a puzzle piece and the developer felt bad about it afterwards. However, it looks like it was never discovered by anyone (and those two friends are the only one to know where it is), so no hard feelings. The piece was made official now by listing Daniel in credits.
Alejandro Quan-Madrid  ?
Josh Sutphin Legacy of the Elder Star 2016-07-07  ?  ? LegacyOfTheElderStar.jpg


Investigative Tools

Developer Exchange Archive (horribly outdated)

Media Appearances

25th Jan. 2016

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[EN] VG24/7 - Is this a Steam AR game to promote The Witness?

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14th Feb 2016

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31th Jul 2016

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16th Aug 2016

[EN] Kotaku - The "Eye Sigil" Conspiracy Is Indie Games' Most Arcane Mystery

17th Aug 2016

[EN], [DE], [IT] [ES-MX] [RS] Vice Gaming - These Mysterious Symbols Have Been in 19 Video Games and No One Knows Why

19th Aug 2016

[EN] Fraghero - A mysterious symbol has been found in 19 unrelated videogames and no one knows why

[EN] Mygaming - The greatest unsolved mystery in video games

[CN] 触乐网 - 两年来,这张神秘图片出现在19个不同的游戏中

20th Sep 2016

[PL] CD-Action - "Więźniowie labiryntu", issue#261 (11/2016), page 82

15th Nov 2016

[EN] Waypoint — Those Mysterious Symbols Hidden In 24 Games Have Crossed Over With 'Frog Fractions 2'

[EN] Kotaku — Indie Games’ Most Cryptic Mystery Apparently Just A Frog Fractions Teaser