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These fully-fledged ARGs are confirmed to be the "real deal"; they may include puzzles, characters, and plotlines which the community can interact with. Active ARGs are currently being discussed within the Game Detectives community, and are frequently yielding new developments. Closed ARGs are those that have been completed, cancelled, or are otherwise inactive.


Official ARGs tend to be fairly high-profile, and of generally high quality. Official ARGs may involve existing media; for example, a game developer may include clues to their ARG inside one of their games. As a result, official ARGs tend to attract a large audience.

List of Official ARGs
Name Status Creator Start Date
Battlefield 1 Active EA Dice 2017-02-14
Dawn Bloom Active Alice & Smith, the Lovent Group 2016-12-24
Oddworld: Soulstorm Active Oddworld Inhabitants, Inc 2016-12-22
Human Souls Active Pangent Technologies 2016-03-05
Sombra Closed Blizzard 2016-07-12
Kill Your Internet Closed Camouflaj 2016-03-17
Eye Sigil Closed Twinbeard 2016-01-23
Oxenfree Closed Night School Studio 2016-01-15
Steam Winter 2015 Closed Valve 2015-12-25
Afterbirth Closed Edmund McMullen 2015-10-30
Crows Crows Crows Closed Crows Crows Crows 2015-10-19
Frog Fractions 2 Closed Twinbeard 2014-03-10


Unofficial ARGs are typically smaller in scope than official ARGs. Some were created by members of the Game Detectives community, or were made with Game Detectives in mind. Unofficial ARGs tend to have a smaller audience than official ones.

List of Unofficial ARGs
Name Status Creator Start Date
TheConsole Active Unknown 2017-03-22
LEVELS Active Unknown 2016-10-05
The Coin Conspiracy Closed 2017-03-05
Lost Memories Closed Unknown 2016-10-23
Society X Closed Unknown 2016-10-16
In Reality Closed whizzer0, Team Look In The Bushes 2016-06-12
Project 11 Closed Project 11#6740 2016-06-02
Black Mesa Closed SometimesIDreamOfCheese 2016-03-28
Mystery of the Emblem Closed whizzer0 2016-03-26
Electronic Freedom Society Closed gayfarang 2016-03-19
76543 Closed Unknown 2016-03-16
FRTS The Message Closed TheCreativeGod 2016-02-26
Teragon Closed gayfarang 2016-01-31


These are trails which have been investigated by the community, but have yet to conclude in anything substantial. Alternatively, these may have concluded in the discovery of an easter egg rather than a full-blown ARG.

Name Status Creator Start Date
Definitely Not Rick and Morty Active Unknown 2017-04-03
Call of Duty- World War 2 Active Sledgehammer Games 2017-04-27
Killing Floor 2 Active Tripwire Interactive 2017-04-21
Petscop Closed Unknown 2017-03-12
Intel Closed Intel Corporation 2017-03-05
Bradwell Electronics Closed Bossa Studios 2017-03-05
Rick and Morty ARG Closed Adult Swim 2017-01-30
Corvus Closed Unknown 2017-01-01
ARGvent Closed GameDetectives Admins 2016-12-01
Watch Dogs 2 Closed Ubisoft 2016-09-03
Steam Summer 2016 Closed Valve 2016-06-23
April Fools Closed GameDetectives Admins 2016-04-01

Other Resources

  • For more information on ARGs and Game Detectives, check our Wiki FAQ.
  • The ARG Toolbox contains tools that help with the typical puzzles contained in ARGs.
  • If you have questions regarding a specific ARG that are not answered in that ARG's wiki page, feel free to ask in the #arg-general channel of our Discord Server!