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This is the {{tableDraw}} or Table draw meta-template. This template is used to create datatables populated by data gathered from pages using {{argbox}}, {{autoArgbox}}, or {{argHeader}}. The tables will automatically update based on data available to the page displayed. For example, adding a description or other additional data via an {{argbox}} or {{autoArgbox}} to a given page will cause tables showing data about that page to automatically display the new data the next time the page is viewed. It can be used to display data in one of two table formats, default and small.


Type {{tableDraw}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.

Sample output
| pageFilter  = rootpage
| type        = Official
| nameFilter  = !~Waking Titan

Results in...

Name Status Creator Start Date Last Edited (UTC)
Local 58 Active Kris Straub 2021-09-13 Nov 13 2021, 12:54:32 am
The Verne Club Active The Cabrera Brothers Company 2021-07-13 Apr 12 2022, 8:22:43 pm
Heartbound Active Pirate Software 2019-04-05 Jun 21 2019, 6:06:32 pm
Fortnite Active Epic Games 2018-06-30 Feb 25 2019, 1:07:48 pm
Cyberpunk 2077 Active CD PROJEKT RED 2018-06-10 Sep 13 2023, 12:45:21 pm
Accounting+ ARG Active Crows Crows Crows 2017-12-07 Apr 23 2020, 8:39:15 pm
Adult Swim ARG Active Adult Swim 2017-08-27 Apr 16 2020, 9:13:54 am
Oddworld: Soulstorm Active Oddworld Inhabitants, Inc 2016-12-22 Apr 26 2019, 10:04:09 pm
Inside ARG Active Playdead 2016-06-29 Jun 06 2019, 8:01:37 pm
Ultrakill Completed Hakita 2022-03-16 Mar 24 2023, 11:57:33 am
Runestone Basalt Completed Jagex 2022-01-19 Jun 02 2023, 7:11:11 pm
HELIOS Completed Alice & Smith and Twitch, Inc. 2021-12-05 Feb 04 2022, 3:18:23 am
PUBG Lore Completed Alice & Smith & PUBG 2020-10-07 Dec 08 2021, 1:39:24 am
Secret Project Completed Frictional Games 2020-01-23 Mar 15 2020, 8:57:53 pm
Blood For Trade Completed Alice & Smith & Paradox Interactive 2019-12-12 Dec 08 2021, 1:36:11 am
Cyrano Story Completed Alice & Smith & Funcom 2019-10-05 Dec 08 2021, 1:39:06 am
Nessy Completed Respawn Entertainment 2019-02-12 Feb 12 2019, 6:25:26 pm
Tender Completed Alice & Smith & Paradox Interactive 2019-01-19 Apr 05 2019, 6:54:40 pm
Solaris United Completed Digital Extremes 2018-10-23 Feb 20 2019, 9:55:41 pm
Game Theory ARG Completed Game Theory 2018-08-10 Mar 24 2023, 12:01:17 pm
Rasputin ARG Completed Bungie Entertainment 2018-05-08 Aug 20 2018, 9:46:26 pm
MonteCrypto Completed Concrete Games 2018-02-20 Mar 23 2019, 4:44:05 pm
TidalVortex Completed Alice & Smith 2017-12-19 Aug 20 2018, 9:59:50 pm
RainbowLeaks Completed Ubisoft 2017-11-20 Jul 07 2018, 3:58:05 pm
The Wilson Wolfe Affair Completed Simulacra Games 2017-10-19 Aug 24 2019, 8:13:40 pm
Mr. Robot ARG Completed NBC Universal 2017-09-28 Dec 08 2021, 1:34:09 am
Lucid Nightmare Completed Blizzard Entertainment 2017-08-30 Jul 07 2018, 3:58:26 pm
Layton World Completed Level-5 2017-06-20 Aug 26 2018, 7:09:33 pm
The Secret World Completed Alice & Smith & Funcom 2017-06-16 Jul 07 2018, 3:58:37 pm
Sun Darter Hatchling Completed Blizzard Entertainment 2017-06-16 Jul 07 2018, 3:58:41 pm
Killing Floor 2 Completed Tripwire Interactive 2017-04-21 Jul 07 2018, 3:58:46 pm
Battlefield 1 Completed DICE 2017-02-14 Oct 24 2018, 5:41:55 pm
Dawn Bloom Completed Alice & Smith & the Lovent Group 2016-12-24 Jul 07 2018, 3:58:56 pm
Long-Forgotten Hippogryph Completed Blizzard Entertainment 2016-09-01 Jul 07 2018, 3:59:02 pm
Sombra ARG Completed Blizzard Entertainment 2016-06-12 Sep 10 2020, 11:20:22 pm
Kill Your Internet Completed Camouflaj 2016-03-18 Jul 07 2018, 3:59:15 pm
Eye Sigil ARG Completed Twinbeard 2016-01-23 Apr 16 2024, 6:36:14 pm
Oxenfree Completed Night School Studio 2016-01-15 Jul 07 2018, 3:59:25 pm
Steam Winter 2015 Completed Valve 2015-12-22 Jul 07 2018, 3:59:30 pm
Afterbirth ARG Completed Edmund McMullen 2015-10-30 Jul 07 2018, 3:59:34 pm
Dr. Langeskov ARG Completed Crows Crows Crows 2015-10-19 Aug 25 2019, 3:59:20 pm
Frog Fractions 2 Completed Twinbeard 2014-03-10 Oct 23 2018, 3:33:14 am
Call of Duty: WWII Discontinued Sledgehammer Games 2017-04-27 Mar 23 2019, 4:43:09 pm
Accounting+ ARG (ArgPopupContent


Status: Active
Created By: Crows Crows Crows
Discovered on: 7 December 2017

The Accounting+ ARG centers around a tadpole conspiracy.

), Adult Swim ARG (ArgPopupContent


Status: Active
Created By: Adult Swim
Discovered on: 27 August 2017

A series of ARG seasons aired during Adult Swim programming on US basic cable channel Cartoon Network

), Afterbirth ARG (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Edmund McMullen
Discovered on: 30 October 2015

An ARG hidden in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth expansion

), Battlefield 1 (ArgPopupContent

File:Bf1 An Omen.png

Status: Completed
Created By: DICE
Discovered on: 14 February 2017

The Battlefield 1 ARG -
Headphones and Morse code led to mysterious unlockable dog tags.

), Blood For Trade (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Alice & Smith
Discovered on: 12 December 2019


), Call of Duty: WWII (ArgPopupContent


Status: Discontinued
Created By: Sledgehammer Games
Discovered on: 27 April 2017

A little trail in a promotional image might lead to something wonderful...

), Cyberpunk 2077 (ArgPopupContent


Status: Active
Discovered on: 10 June 2018

A hacker at E3 2018 exposed a live website linked to upcoming release Cyberpunk 2077.

), Cyrano Story (ArgPopupContent

File: CyranoLogo.jpg

Status: Completed
Created By: Alice & Smith
Discovered on: 5 October 2019

An ARG created around the game Moons of Madness.

), Dawn Bloom (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Alice & Smith
Discovered on: 24 December 2016

The Dawn Bloom ARG is part of the Black Watchmen series of ARGs.

), Dr. Langeskov ARG (ArgPopupContent

File:Langeskov Logo.jpg

Status: Completed
Created By: Crows Crows Crows
Discovered on: 19 October 2015

An ARG that led to the release of Dr. Langeskov, the Tiger, and the Terribly Cursed Emerald

), Eye Sigil ARG (ArgPopupContent

File:Eye Sigil.png

Status: Completed
Created By: Twinbeard
Discovered on: 23 January 2016

The Eye ARG, also known as the Sigil or Eye Sigil ARG, lasted for nearly a year and spanned more than 25 seemingly unrelated indie games.

), Fortnite (ArgPopupContent


Status: Active
Created By: Epic Games
Discovered on: 30 June 2018

Artifacts from the hugely popular Fortnite are appearing in the real world.

), Frog Fractions 2 (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Twinbeard
Discovered on: 10 March 2014

The FF2 ARG began in March 2014, and its goal is the discovery of which game is secretly a sequel to Frog Fractions…

), Game Theory ARG (ArgPopupContent

File: Game Theory Logo.jpg

Status: Active
Created By: Game Theory
Discovered on: 10 August 2018

But hey, that's just an ARG. A Game Theory ARG!

), HELIOS (ArgPopupContent


Status: Active
Created By: Alice & Smith and Twitch, Inc.
Discovered on: 5 December 2021

The Department of Defense has declassified access via uplink to the DSCS 3 satellite. Good Luck and Godspeed.

), Heartbound (ArgPopupContent


Status: Active
Created By: Pirate Software
Discovered on: 5 April 2019

An ARG created around the game Heartbound.

), Inside ARG (ArgPopupContent

File:Inside logo.png

Status: Active
Created By: Playdead
Discovered on: 29 June 2016

The Inside ARG revolved around mysterious codes being printed and deciphered.

), Kill Your Internet (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Camouflaj
Discovered on: 18 March 2016

Kill Your Internet - an ARG that took place in the world of République.

), Killing Floor 2 (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Tripwire Interactive
Discovered on: 21 April 2017

A set of Killing Floor 2 Puzzles - also known as "From a Friend".

), Layton World (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Level-5
Discovered on: 20 June 2017

Layton World: A puzzle trail with over 50 different puzzles scattered across the world between June 20th and September 21st, that is based on the new upcoming Professor Layton game!

), Local 58 (ArgPopupContent


Status: Active
Created By: Kris Straub
Discovered on: 13 September 2021

The Local 58 ARG is currently ongoing.

), Long-Forgotten Hippogryph (ArgPopupContent

File:LFH Mount.jpg

Status: Completed
Created By: Blizzard Entertainment
Discovered on: 1 September 2016

The Long-Forgotten Hippogryph is a secret mount hidden in World of Warcraft, obtained by locating 5 Ephemeral Crystals.

), Lucid Nightmare (ArgPopupContent

File:LN Logo.jpg

Status: Completed
Created By: Blizzard Entertainment
Discovered on: 30 August 2017

Lucid Nightmare is a secret mount hidden in World of Warcraft, which is unlocked by solving a variety of puzzles.

), MonteCrypto (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Concrete Games
Discovered on: 20 February 2018

24 enigmas leading to a prize of 1 BTC.

), Mr. Robot ARG (ArgPopupContent


Status: Active
Created By: NBC Universal
Discovered on: 28 September 2017

An ARG set in the universe of Mr. Robot.

), Nessy (ArgPopupContent

Image:Nessy doll.PNG

Status: Completed
Created By: Respawn Entertainment
Discovered on: 12 February 2019

), Oddworld: Soulstorm (ArgPopupContent


Status: Active
Created By: Oddworld Inhabitants, Inc
Discovered on: 22 December 2016

Oddworld: Soulstorm - An ARG centered around lore from the Oddworld universe linked to the currently unreleased game Oddworld: Soulstorm

), Oxenfree (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Night School Studio
Discovered on: 15 January 2016

The Oxenfree ARG had an emphasis on radio frequencies and morse code.

), PUBG Lore (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Alice & Smith & PUBG
Discovered on: 7 October 2020


), RainbowLeaks (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Ubisoft
Discovered on: 20 November 2017

A website called RainbowLeaks, linked to Rainbow Six: Siege.

), Rasputin ARG (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Bungie Entertainment
Discovered on: 8 May 2018

The Rasputin Chamber Puzzle ARG - an ARG involving an in-game Rasputin and out of game items.

), Runestone Basalt (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Jagex
Discovered on: 19 January 2022

Secret messages have been discovered in Old School RuneScape.

), Secret Project (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Frictional Games
Discovered on: 23 January 2020

), Solaris United (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Digital Extremes
Discovered on: 23 October 2018

A potential ARG for the upcoming Warframe update, Fortuna

), Sombra ARG (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Blizzard Entertainment
Discovered on: 12 June 2016

The Sombra ARG - an ARG involving an unreleased Overwatch hero.

), Steam Winter 2015 (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Valve
Discovered on: 22 December 2015

AKA North Pole Noire

), Sun Darter Hatchling (ArgPopupContent

File:SDH Logo.jpg

Status: Completed
Created By: Blizzard Entertainment
Discovered on: 16 June 2017

The Sun Darter Hatchling is a secret pet hidden in World of Warcraft, in the back of a mysterious cavern.

), Tender (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Alice & Smith
Discovered on: 19 January 2019

Tender was an ARG which led towards the reveal of Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2

), The Secret World (ArgPopupContent

File:TSWL BG Image.jpg

Status: Completed
Created By: Alice & Smith
Discovered on: 16 June 2017

The Secret World: Legends puzzle trail, also known as "Kiss of the Revenant".

), The Verne Club (ArgPopupContent


Status: Active
Created By: The Cabrera Brothers Company
Discovered on: 13 July 2021

Uncovering the mystery of the Verne Club.

), The Wilson Wolfe Affair (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Simulacra Games
Discovered on: 19 October 2017

A mad scientist's affairs aren't many people's concern...

), TidalVortex (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Alice & Smith
Discovered on: 19 December 2017

Live event 14 of The Black Watchmen, involving the long lost mysterious figure Whitechapel.

), Ultrakill (ArgPopupContent


Status: Completed
Created By: Hakita
Discovered on: 16 March 2022

), Waking Titan (ArgPopupContent

File:Project WT logo.png

Status: Completed
Created By: Alice & Smith
Discovered on: 28 May 2017

Waking Titan was an ARG which led towards the Atlas Rises and NEXT updates for No Man's Sky.

| tableType   = small
| nameFilter  = ~*Waking Titan*
| pageFilter  = subpage

Results in...

Name Description Last Edited
Waking Titan/Summary A website with 16 radio stations, which may be leading to something more. Jun 23 2018, 6:03:15 pm UTC
Waking Titan/Phase 6 Phase 6 of Waking Titan was on 2018-07-20. Mar 16 2019, 1:50:03 pm UTC
Waking Titan/Phase 5/Dreamers/231187661T Waking Titan was an ARG which led towards the Atlas Rises and NEXT updates for No Man's Sky. Mar 16 2019, 1:47:18 pm UTC
Waking Titan/Phase 5 Phase 5 of Waking Titan lasted from 2018-06-01 to 2018-07-20. Jun 16 2019, 8:50:19 am UTC
Waking Titan/Phase 4 Phase 4 of Waking Titan lasted from 2017-12-28 to 2018-06-01. Jun 16 2019, 8:48:29 am UTC
Waking Titan/Phase 3 Phase 3 of Waking Titan lasted from 2017-08-05 to 2017-08-07. Jul 07 2018, 3:55:37 pm UTC
Waking Titan/Phase 2 Phase 2 of Waking Titan lasted from 2017-07-21 to 2017-08-05. Jul 07 2018, 3:55:32 pm UTC
Waking Titan/Phase 1 Phase 1 of Waking Titan lasted from 2017-05-28 to 2017-07-08. Jul 07 2018, 3:55:27 pm UTC
Waking Titan/Console Commands Waking Titan was an ARG which led towards the Atlas Rises and NEXT updates for No Man's Sky. Feb 26 2019, 12:51:36 pm UTC
Waking Titan/Companies Waking Titan was an ARG which led towards the Atlas Rises and NEXT updates for No Man's Sky. Mar 14 2019, 3:14:46 pm UTC

Parameter Description Default Accepted Values Type Status
tableType controls the format of the table default default or small String Optional
pageFilter defines the page type of pages returned subpage or rootpage String Optional
type defines the type of pages returned Official, Unofficial, or Investigation String Optional
cat defines the category of page returned any valid category name, ie Waking Titan, Official, etc String Optional
nameFilter defines an string with optional comparators which returned page names will be compared to string with or without comparators, ie ~Waking Titan, ~Waking Titan*, Frog Fractions 2 String with optional comparators Optional